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When you sell a property, conveyancing is the legal work that needs to be completed to ensure ownership of the property transfers to your buyers. As house sales involve large sums of money changing hands this process ensures that the correct value is paid for the property, dealing with any complexities and anything that is non-standard about the property or transaction.

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When purchasing a property, it is essential to ensure that the legal work is carried out so that legal ownership correctly transfers to you. During the conveyancing process contracts need to be drafted as well as searches carried out on your new property so that you are aware of any potential issues and restrictions or covenants on the property. The conveyancing process is also necessary for your mortgage lender should you have one.

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When you move from one mortgage lender to another conveyancing is required to ensure that the mortgage is registered against the legal title of your house with the Land Registry. In this process conveyancing provides assurance that all legal checks have been completed ensuring that your investment is legally protected.

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Transfer of Equity

Transferring the equity in a property requires conveyancing to remove or add legal owners to the legal title of the property. This includes where one party is leaving and the other is buying them out of a jointly owned property. Conveyancing deals with the legal work involved in registering the legal owners ensuring ownership is protected.

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